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We know you expect your investments to perform and CONNECT portfolios are doing just that. CONNECT works with you to put your plans into action. Your portfolios are strategically structured by our in-house investment team with advice from Morningstar and then matched to your goals and risk tolerances. These have resulted in a strong performance track record — CONNECT has consistently delivered target-beating investment returns across all risk profiles.

Frankly, CONNECT is the way to manage the components of your financial future — not just to meet your financial goals but also to fulfill your aspirations.

  • Actively managed certificates issued by Banque Julius Baer

  • Built around our unique investment strategy, formulated in partnership with Morningstar

  • Flexible, regularly rebalanced, liquid and transparent

  • Tailored around clients’ risk parameters

  • All-inclusive fees of between +0.20% and +1.25%

Select portfolios

Designed to meet
your financial goals


The portfolio that corresponds to your risk assessment is the medium risk certificate. It invests equally in less volatile assets (money markets and bonds) and more volatile, higher risk assets (equities and alternative investments).

Target return

+6.85% p.a.*

Aggressive Plus

This is our highest risk portfolio. It begins with the identical underlying portfolio found in our Aggressive portfolio and applies leverage of 35% which serves to maximise expected returns and has significant downside risk.

Target return

+10.85% p.a.*

*This figure is indicative. Past performance may not be indicative of future returns.

Performance Since Inception

Performance chart Dec 2018

Performance figures are net of fees. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Any investment with CONNECT is subject to market fluctuations and there can be no assurance that an investment will return its value or that appreciation will occur. The data presented above is for a specified period and past performance may be obtained upon request.

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